Chris Bray Photography

ADELAIDE - Sat 25 Feb 17

Really enjoyed running our course at Adelaide Zoo again yesterday! What a fantastic venue for a photography course! Well done Cheryl for taking this great shot of a Meerkat. See the wonderful feedback from our course delegates below.

What a great day. I've been taking photos for years and this will take me to the next level. Thanks Jonathan and Michelle.

I have tried to teach myself photography many times however always got confused. This course was simple and clear and gave me the confidence to get of auto. Thanks for an awesome day!

Great course. Really enjoyed. I learnt so much. It was a fun day as well as a learning day.

I learnt a lot, more than I expected! Very good explanations and content was pitched to cover all levels of knowledge and even the people with more basic skills learnt a lot.

It was an excellent way to learn and spend the day. Thank you.

Great day, now I really understand the capability of my SLR beyond the green auto function!

Fantastic course!

Great day, good decision to come, great help thanks.

Such a great refresher. Very inspired to take photos now that I have the tools to do it better.

SYDNEY - Sun 5 Feb 17

Another great course at another great venue! Taronga Zoo once again delighted with fantastic catering and of course wonderful subjects to photograph. Congratulations Andrew on winning the Lowepro bag with your winning assignment shot. See feedback from the course below.

Brilliant! Great experience. Recommend this for beginners and experienced! Learnt so much!

Fabulous content, fabulous food and we learnt so much. Thank you!

Fantastic day. Feel much more confident with the camera now. Appreciate the course and the friendly presenters.

The day was great. It ran smoothly and we were given instruction that was understandable. A good balance between theory and practice. The day went too quickly!!!

A most informative and enjoyable day. A fantastic way to learn about your camera and photography in everyday English.

Clear explanations of theory followed by concrete practical exercises in a venue with appealing subject material.

Fantastic. Well presented and very understandable.

Really helpful and enjoyable. Helped me understand how to use my camera to its full potential.

Had a great time. The guides were engaging and the opportunities were all there. All the directions and instructions were informative.

Very interesting and fun. Practical skills that will be useful in life.

Had a great time. Learned a lot and would recommend this course to others.

A great day. Very helpful.

A great course. Would suggest to any photographer.

PERTH - Sat 21 Jan 17

What a fun day at Perth Zoo for our first course for the year! Congrats Simon for winning the Lowepro bag with your great shot of a Bearded Dragon! See the feedback below:

The best course I have been to for learning photography!

Very well organised. Excellent mix of lecture and fieldwork. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and imparted his knowledge at the right level. These guys talk the talk and walk the talk with their safaris.

Great day. Thanks!

Great day where 9 hours went very quickly.

Excellent. I am much more confident with my knowledge of practical photography after doing the course.

Wonderful and informative day! Thanks Jonathan and Simone.

Fun, enjoyable and detailed course! Really glad I came.

Great! Informative and helpful! Don't think you can improve it!

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