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  • 1 day photography course
  • 1 day photography course
  • 1 day photography course
  • 1 day photography course

1 Day Photography Courses

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra & Hobart!

While our course is now also online for free, this popular 1 day photography course combining both practical and theory is still the fastest way to get off 'Auto' and unlock the creative potential of your camera, especially for those who prefer more hands-on, feedback-orientated learning. Created by award-winning Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray and limited to just 14 people with two assistants giving plenty of 1-on-1 time, these easy-to-understand days are held at zoos and other great venues all around Australia. You'll learn composition, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO, lighting, lenses, histograms, white balance and more!

Course Locations

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Sydney, NSW

Sydney's Taronga Zoo
. Theory sections in their amazing function centre with great catering and incredible wildlife just outside for practical sessions!

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Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne Zoo
. Theory sections in their amazing Rainforest function centre with great catering and incredible wildlife just outside for practical sessions!

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Perth, WA

Perth Zoo
. Theory sections in their great function room with wonderful catering and incredible wildlife just outside for practical sessions!

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Brisbane, QLD

Australia Zoo
. Theory sections in their amazing function centre with excellent catering, incredible free-range wildlife for practical sessions and a private Macaw parrot photo shoot!

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Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Zoo
. Theory sections in their fancy new function centre with great catering and great wildlife just outside for practical sessions!

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Canberra, ACT

Aust. National Botanic Gardens
. Theory sections in their beautiful function room with great catering and immediate access to gardens and waterfalls for practical sessions!

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Hobart, TAS

Botanic Gardens
. Theory sections in their wonderful function room with great catering and immediate access to beautiful gardens and waterfalls for practical sessions!

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The videos are free - why attend?

While the theory content of this 1 day photography course is the same as in the videos, nothing beats hands-on, 1-on-1 help where you can ask questions, get feedback, query details of your specific camera and lenses and so on. Some people just learn better this way. Allocating a solid, enjoyable day to focus on improving your photography in a perfect, quiet venue away from the distractions of home is still the best way to learn, with excellent subjects to practice on just outside, tasty catering etc. You'll love it.


What is the price?

Yes, there are plenty of cheaper photography courses around - indeed ours is one of the more expensive - but believe me (or read the glowing reviews pouring out from each and every course report down below) - you absolutely get what you pay for! Many of our attendees have first attended other courses which they've left feeling more confused and disheartened than when they arrived. Many more probably never even attempt another course. Happily, the feedback from those that do make it to ours, usually goes along the lines of "I learnt more in the first 30min than all the other courses combined!" and "Finally, a course that makes sense!".

Don't be fooled into just sitting in a classroom all day while some photographer drones on with complex graphs and says you 'must shoot in Manual Mode' (Hint: You don't - even pro-photographers rarely do these days, outside a studio). Likewise don't be tricked into simply following a photographer around for the day hoping they can somehow impart theory on the go - they can't, they can only dictate settings which they know will work, so you'll go home with pretty pictures, but no idea how to recreate or adapt them for other situations.

There's a reason why word-of-mouth has allowed us to expand for the last 7 years while other courses come and go!

Standard price is $480 per person, and for two or more people (or Australian Geographic Society members) the price is $450 per person.

Keep in mind this also includes our full colour, pocket-sized 'Course Note Booklet' (RRP $29.95) containing the theory from the day so you don't need to write everything down, as well as a set of our super popular plastic 'Clip-on photography summary cards' (RRP $24.95) that clip onto your camera strap to always remind you the key tips to getting great photos. We also provide an excellent catered lunch, morning and afternoon tea, tea & coffee on arrival and free loan of a DSLR camera and/or tripod if you request one during booking!


What skill level is needed?

Our 1 day photography courses are aimed at beginners right through to keen-enthusiast photographers. We start at the very basics (you'd be surprised how often even skilled photographers actually lack some of these fundamentals!) and then work up. We're always delighted to hear that even accomplished photographers who've come to the day still report that they were surprised how much they still learnt during the day, and of course we're here to answer more advanced questions on topics of particular interest to you on the day too. The main concern our guests seem to have before they come is that they might not be advanced enough to attend, and let me assure you that this is never the case! We've had people attend the day pulling their camera out of the plastic-wrap and turning it on for the first time, and they find the course invaluable and still well-paced.


What do I get on the day?

Apart from a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration, you'll also be provided with our full colour, pocket-sized 'Course Note Booklet' (RRP $29.95) containing the theory from the day so you don't need to write everything down, as well as a set of our super handy plastic 'Clip-on photography summary cards' (RRP $24.95) that clip onto your camera strap to always remind you the key tips to getting great photos. We also provide an excellent catered lunch, morning and afternoon tea, tea & coffee on arrival and free loan of a DSLR camera and/or tripod if you request one during booking!


What makes your courses great?

There are many reasons why our courses are so popular: Small, friendly class sizes with plenty of 1-on-1 time (max 14ppl with 2 assistants); all done in one compact day - not spread out over weeks of evening classes etc; taught in very easy to understand language - not graphs and needless theory; a unique mix of both practical and theory (you do need the basic theory to understand why something happens and how we're able to fix it, but equally important is to then go outside and practice that on your camera, see the results and experiment to let it sink in); great catering; it's backed by Australian Geographic and Lowepro with great giveaways to encourage people to try hard on 'assignment'; you can borrow a DSLR and tripod for free for the day if you don't have one yet; you can try some of our lenses; have taught over 3,000 people and refined the path to learning to be wonderfully simple and understandable with no jargon; amazing venues with quiet function-rooms for theory and great subjects just outside for practical sessions; a full-colour A5 size pocket booklet summarising the whole course for you to refer to later and re-read; free plastic summary clip-cards for your camera; our presenters and assistants are not only highly trained but friendly, approachable, helpful people - instantly setting a relaxed atmosphere encouraging questions etc. Read the reviews - people come away inspired and full of new understanding.


Do you teach all camera brands?

Yes of course! All the theory is exactly the same across all brands, and we know our way around every brand of camera.


Mirrorless & micro4/3 cameras?

Good question. Yes. Many people attend with 'mirrorless', 'micro 4/3rds' or other powerful but non-DSLR cameras and they get the same great value out of the day. All the same theory correlates across, and these cameras can do virtually all the same things - sometimes the features might just be buried in a menu somewhere, and/or the effects can be less dramatic, but it's all there, waiting to be unleashed! If you'd like to compare your camera to a DLSR or are really worried your camera might not be powerful enough to practice everything we'll be learning, then you can borrow a Canon 600D DSLR from us for the day, free of charge, along with a tripod too if you'd like - just note this in your booking.


Can you cater for dietary needs?

Yes of course! Please just enter any special requirements as a comment during the online booking process and we're happy to pass these on to the caterers! Easy!


Chris vs Jonathan's course?

Chris and Jonathan present exactly the same course: The same theory slides and practical sessions, the same carefully refined path to learning, the same simple terminology, just with some personal examples and anecdotes from your presenter on the day. Both have absolutely fantastic review ratings.


How young can attendees be?

You must be 14 years or older to attend.


Can I bring my young baby?

No sorry. Unfortunately babies cause too much distraction to you and others in the class. Breast-feeding mums may opt to have their partner visit the zoo/venue for the day with the baby and they can meet-up during our meal brakes which works well.


What lenses should I bring?

All of them! Why not? That way you'll learn about your whole kit. If you only have one, then that makes your decision easier - it will be fine! You'll be able to try out some fancy lenses on the day too, like macro lenses etc if you wish. Whatever lens you have will be fine for experimenting during the practical sessions.


What if I have to pull out?

No problem! Providing you let us know more than 48-hrs before the course starts, we'll be happy to either swap your booking into another date free of charge (if there are any available), or refund you all but a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit per person. If you cancel within 48-hrs (or simply don't show up) then you forfeit 100% of the payment, because such short notice leaves us no chance to try and resell your place to anyone else, and we'd have already paid for catering, venue hire, entry etc for you. The same applies to gift certificates.


Can I go on a waiting list?

Yes. At the bottom of the list of available dates for each city, you'll find a place where you can enter your email address and click 'Join waiting list' to be automatically notified by email when new places open up for that city. Easy. We should point out though that we're only intending to run set of these physical courses in each city each year, so if you can't make it, you might be waiting a while...


Do I need to bring lunch?

No! We provide everything you need during the day! All venues include an amazing catering for lunch, morning and afternoon tea, as well as tea & coffee on arrival. If the course is at a zoo or other ticketed venue, then yes, venue entry is also included. The day is completely self-contained.


Course Reviews

Latest News

ADELAIDE - Sat 25 Feb 17

Really enjoyed running our course at Adelaide Zoo again yesterday! What a fantastic venue for a photography course! Well done Cheryl for taking this great shot of a Meerkat. See the wonderful feedback from our course delegates below.

What a great day. I've been taking photos for years and this will take me to the next level. Thanks Jonathan and Michelle.

I have tried to teach myself photography many times however always got confused. This course was simple and clear and gave me the confidence to get of auto. Thanks for an awesome day!

Great course. Really enjoyed. I learnt so much. It was a fun day as well as a learning day.

I learnt a lot, more than I expected! Very good explanations and content was pitched to cover all levels of knowledge and even the people with more basic skills learnt a lot.

It was an excellent way to learn and spend the day. Thank you.

Great day, now I really understand the capability of my SLR beyond the green auto function!

Fantastic course!

Great day, good decision to come, great help thanks.

Such a great refresher. Very inspired to take photos now that I have the tools to do it better.

SYDNEY - Sun 5 Feb 17

Another great course at another great venue! Taronga Zoo once again delighted with fantastic catering and of course wonderful subjects to photograph. Congratulations Andrew on winning the Lowepro bag with your winning assignment shot. See feedback from the course below.

Brilliant! Great experience. Recommend this for beginners and experienced! Learnt so much!

Fabulous content, fabulous food and we learnt so much. Thank you!

Fantastic day. Feel much more confident with the camera now. Appreciate the course and the friendly presenters.

The day was great. It ran smoothly and we were given instruction that was understandable. A good balance between theory and practice. The day went too quickly!!!

A most informative and enjoyable day. A fantastic way to learn about your camera and photography in everyday English.

Clear explanations of theory followed by concrete practical exercises in a venue with appealing subject material.

Fantastic. Well presented and very understandable.

Really helpful and enjoyable. Helped me understand how to use my camera to its full potential.

Had a great time. The guides were engaging and the opportunities were all there. All the directions and instructions were informative.

Very interesting and fun. Practical skills that will be useful in life.

Had a great time. Learned a lot and would recommend this course to others.

A great day. Very helpful.

A great course. Would suggest to any photographer.

PERTH - Sat 21 Jan 17

What a fun day at Perth Zoo for our first course for the year! Congrats Simon for winning the Lowepro bag with your great shot of a Bearded Dragon! See the feedback below:

The best course I have been to for learning photography!

Very well organised. Excellent mix of lecture and fieldwork. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and imparted his knowledge at the right level. These guys talk the talk and walk the talk with their safaris.

Great day. Thanks!

Great day where 9 hours went very quickly.

Excellent. I am much more confident with my knowledge of practical photography after doing the course.

Wonderful and informative day! Thanks Jonathan and Simone.

Fun, enjoyable and detailed course! Really glad I came.

Great! Informative and helpful! Don't think you can improve it!