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Drone Photography Course

Learn how to take amazing drone photos and videos!

Unlock the true potential of your drone with this excellent half-day course with award-winning Australian Geographic photographer & licensed drone pilot Andrew Gregory. Learn to set up your drone properly and do pre-flight checks so nothing goes wrong, keep out of trouble by knowing the regulations, then get creative with planning the still photos and video moves from your drone that will really work and look amazing! Use the appropriate camera settings, get tips on drone composition, learn how to shoot aerial panoramas and even a bit of post-processing and editing tips!

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Frequent Questions

Who is Andrew Gregory?

andrew gregory Andrew has been a photographer with Australian Geographic for over 15 years, he has worked on over 20 major feature stories and published books and panorama calendars. He was an early adopter of drones and was amongst the first licensed operators in Australia. His Australian Geographic feature drone stories include Hidden Sydney, The Red Centre and Dirk Hartog Island and Andrew now takes a drone on all his assignments. His recent work includes photographing the Ghan and Indian Pacific with an M600 for their latest advertising campaign.


What will it cost?

It'll be $250 AUD for the half-day course, with discounts for Australian Geographic members.


Where will it be held?

The first course will be in Sydney (exact location to be announced soon), and depending on interest levels, other cities will follow. Be sure to add your name, email and city to the list if you think you might be interested to attend such a course.


Suitable for all drones?

dji phantom droneThe majority of consumer & prosumer drones these days all share very similar features and abilities, and all the underlying rules, photo and video techniques, settings and tips are the same regardless of your drone make or model - some may just have a few more or less special features like obstacle avoidance etc. For most of the examples used in this half-day course, Andrew will be using the world's most popular drone, the DJI Phantom. Even if you have a different drone, the majority of the course will still very much apply and equip you with a whole set of new skills, ideas and inspiration to help you get the most out of your drone photography and videography.


What will I learn?

Starting at the basics and moving on from there, you'll learn how to get the most stunning images and videos from your drone, safely and efficiently. Topics covered include: Setting up your drone properly; Programming return to home and using different flight modes; Using the app that controls the drone and understanding its settings; Preflight checks, drone safety and rules and regulations; Visualising shots that really work; Creative techniques for drone stills and videos; Using the appropriate camera settings; Setting up moves for stunning video; Composition tips from the air; Learn how to shoot and stitch panoramas; Post processing and editing tips.


What skill level is needed?

Everyone from total beginners to done enthusiasts will get a huge amount out of this half-day course. Andrew starts at the very basics and progresses from there, and even if you're skilled already, he's sure to cover topics and tips new to you and you're also free to ask more technical or advanced questions throughout the day. Your instructor Andrew will be the only person demonstrating flying drones during this half-day course, so you certainly don't need to be concerned about your piloting ability to attend the day.


Will I get to fly my drone?

No. Weather-depending, Andrew will demonstrate the tips and techniques taught using his own DJI Phantom drone, but to avoid the chaos of a dozen drones and wasting time attending to individual drone issues, attendees will not be able to fly their own drone during the course. Attendees are welcome to bring their drone to ask specific questions relating to it i.e. what a certain button does, but your instructor Andrew will be the only person flying drones during this half-day course.


Do I need a drone?

No, as your instructor Andrew will be the only person flying drones during this half-day course, you don't need to bring your own drone if you have one, and even if you don't have a drone yet, this course is an excellent introduction into the world of drones, teaching you what they can do and how to do it safely - allowing you to decide if drone photography might be for you, and if so, what drone to buy.


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