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Frequent Questions

What does 'Limited Edition' mean?

All these Fine Art photographs are 'Limited Edition', meaning they are numbered as one of a strictly limited set of prints and signed by Chris Bray. Unless requested otherwise, Chris's signature and the print number appear on the front of photograph itself, subtly hidden in one corner - in the same way that a painter would unobtrusively sign their painting.

Small prints (A5-size or smaller) such as cards or small acrylic-blocks depicting a 'Limited Edition' image are not numbered or signed, and are not considered part of the limited set.


What's 'Acrylic Facemounting'?

Acrylic facemounting is a modern, minimal and sleek frameless mounting technique which compared to sitting behind normal glass makes the photograph's colours appear more brilliant, details look sharper and creates a stunning, near-3D visual effect.

acrylic facemountingThe image-side of the photograph is specially mounted onto the back of a UV resistant sheet of 6mm thick acrylic (not 3mm or 4.5mm like other labs) using an 100% optically-clear adhesive sheet, creating an airtight bond, letting you view the photograph through this crystal-clear glossy surface. This mounting process preserves the artwork from scratching and fading, and also gives the image more depth and colour saturation due to the clarity of the acrylic sheet & closeness of the bonding.

acrylic facemountingThe mounted photograph is then also backed with a durable, 2mm-thick, white Dibond sheet to provide rigidity, opacity and a firm attachment for the hidden aluminium hanging frame, which seemingly floats the photograph off the wall.

Durable and easy to clean, acrylic facemounted photos create a stunning unique visual impact, perfect for the home, hotels and restaurants.


What's 'Print Only' mean?

Printed using 12-colour archival pigment inks on metallic gloss paper, 'Print Only' orders - delivered rolled up inside a tube - are suited for customers preferring to mount the artwork themselves, or wishing to save on international delivery charges.


How long does it take?

Typically, acrylic facemounting takes about 5 days plus delivery, print-only orders take about 3 days plus delivery.


Free delivery!?

Yes! Delivery of prints and mounted photos is free within Australia! Quotes for international delivery will be calculated when we receive your order. Please note international delivery will be significantly cheaper for un-mounted, print-only photographs.


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