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Christmas Island Photography Tour

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2,600km northwest of Perth lies Australia's best-kept secret: 'The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean' - a stunning tropical paradise full of rare and unusual birds, incomprehensible numbers of crabs, waterfalls, turtle-nesting beaches and some of the world's best snorkelling over crystal-clear, warm, tropical reefs. This excitingly unique and completely unrivalled week-long photography tour includes 4WD-ing, boat trips, snorkelling, blowholes, cave swims, presentations by park rangers, all meals, a hotel room with precious air-conditioning and a view over the ocean!


  • 10 Reasons

    to travel with us
    Photographing frigatebirds, the endemic golden bosun tropicbird and boobies, both nesting and on the wing, as they fly past at eye level at the many lookouts.
  • Snorkelling in 28deg water with 30m visibility on one of the best house reefs in the world and a boat trip out to further reefs with the chance to swim with dolphins.
  • Seeing the huge variety, size, shape and colour of crabs everywhere - from giant coconut crabs to little hermit crabs and hundreds of the famous red crabs!
  • Photographing the waterfall and reflection pools at ‘The Dales’ while looking for glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.
  • Huge blowholes, erupting plumes of water above you.
  • Beautiful ocean sunsets and silhouetted palm trees, just outside your air-conditioned, waterfront hotel room.
  • Presentations by park rangers and special access to photograph endemic species they are caring for.
  • We'll pause to crouch, cameras in hand, beside some natural pools of water as flocks of soaring frigate birds swoop down right in front of us and dramatically scoop up beakfulls of water to drink on the wing! Amazing!


23rd May - 30th May 2017

$4,495 AUD
per guest (max 10), twin share, 8 days. Includes all meals, accommodation and some drinks. Hosts: Chris Bray & Jess Bray.


30th May - 6th Jun 2017

per guest (max 10), twin share, 8 days. Includes all meals, accommodation and some drinks. Hosts: Chris Bray & Jess Bray.

1 left - BOOK NOW

22nd May - 29th May 2018

$4,495 AUD
per guest (max 10), twin share, 8 days. Includes all meals, accommodation and some drinks. Hosts: Jess Bray & To Be Confirmed.


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Frequent Questions

What is a Photo Tour?

We created our photo tours to be - in our eyes - the perfect travel experience. When I travel, I don't want to be stuck with loads of other people (especially when we've got nothing in common), or be taken to the regular, over-crowded tourist attractions or waste half my time in an amazing country just relaxing by some pool. I want to get the most out of it - I want to see as many different animals as I can, I want to travel through different landscapes and be shown hidden gems off the beaten path, I want to experience the culture, taste the food, meet new friends with similar interests, enjoy some luxury and importantly, I want to have the time to take some beautiful and unique photos of it all.

It's not enough for me to spot a distant lion, tick it off and move on - I wan't to have the option to try and get closer, on the correct side for best lighting and even wait for him to lift his head and stare directly down the barrel of my lens - or to move on when I'm done - I want flexibility. I want the inside tips for the best location to be ready when the sun rises over the horizon and spills across the bay onto those boulders - and if I can't quite get my shot to work, it'd be awesome to have a friendly pro-photographer right there to offer advice (not one who'll stand in front of you to get the best shot themselves!). If there's a seal colony out on an island nearby, then I'd want to charter a boat out there just with my friends onboard so we can spend as much or as little time as we want to get the shots without being crowded on a regular sight-seeing trip. If the seal colony was a bit of a tourist attraction on a local beach then I'd want to wait for the crowds to leave, and go down onto the beach after hours - just us, and a private ranger guide to photograph them at our leisure in beautiful evening lighting.

You don't even need to be a photographer to love this style of holiday - who wouldn't like a bit of extra patience from their tour leaders, or to be given the opportunity to fly over the migrating herds of Africa in a doors-off plane or over a beautiful coastline in a doors-off helicopter for some epic views? Stay on a private island, learn some new skills with your photography, make some new friends and have an unforgettable, unique holiday - all at the same time! Sound good? Well, there's a reason more than half of our guests come back again, and again!


Do I have to be a photographer?

Absolutely not! We have many non-photographers (and partners of photographers) enjoy our tours! As one guest said "It didn’t matter that I’m not a photographer - I used my iPhone. Just experiencing all these amazing locations at a relaxed pace, in comfort and without the crowds was wonderful!". The expert photography tuition is a bonus - the incredible access to experience the world's most wonderful places in a tiny group is the main thing! If you're traveling to take photos, or just as a holiday - in the end, it's all about seeing as many of the amazing animals as possible, experiencing the local food and culture, admiring the landscapes, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the whole unforgettable experience with a small group of friends. Whether or not you put a camera in front of your face doesn't really change this. We've had many non-photographers come on our tour, enjoying just spotting animals, identifying them, or watching their behaviour and by the end of the trip many of them do start picking up a camera (or borrowing one of ours) and start getting excited about photography too! Some have later gone on to become full-on photographers, to the delight of their partners! Either way, they have a ball and often come away with us again and again.

Most photography guests are beginner to keen-enthusiast level - so don't stress that your photography may not be good enough - the whole point is to improve your photography, no matter what your level! Our tours are enjoyed by everyone from non-photographers, iPhone and happy-snap photographers right up to serious professionals. We start each tour with a quick photography crash-course, and our expert photography guides are there to help you throughout the whole tour. There is no better way to improve your photography than spending a solid week or two practicing, surrounded by amazingly inspiring subjects, with a small, friendly group of like-minded people. You will be amazed how much your photography will improve. We're there to offer as much or as little assistance as you'd like, at whatever level of complexity you're ready for.


How fit do I need to be?

The level of physical activity varies for each of our tours, however none involve strenuous hiking or anything like that. In Kenya, for example, the hardest thing you'll have to do is walk to and from your tour vehicle mostly, other destinations involve things like optional snorkelling, or may include short walks or humid conditions. We've had 83 year old guests, guests with bad knees and even heart-conditions do even what we consider our most strenuous tours, so rest assured the tour you're looking at is very likely achievable. If you're concerned, just ask us. The tour information booklet we provide for each tour gives a clearer indication of what's involved for each destination. We're very mindful of the abilities of our guests and can always provide less demanding alternatives for those wishing a break.


What camera & gear do I need?

For each of our tours, we've carefully prepared (and keep updated) a detailed information booklet covering everything including our recommendations for what kind of camera & lenses we'd consider well suited for that trip, as well as also everything else like clothes, what type of power plug, what currency, what the climate is like, language tips and plenty of other information to help answer all your questions! We'll send you a copy of this information booklet when you book, or you can email us for one in advance. We also have a selection of lenses including telephoto lenses for hire, please email us in advance if you're interested.


Can I hire camera gear?

We do have a selection of lenses (including macro, wide and telephoto lenses, for both Canon and Nikon) available for hire. Please just ask us about this if you're interested during your booking. Don't feel like you need amazing camera gear though to enjoy our tours - some guests come as non-photographers or just with an iPhone camera and still absolutely love the experience of small-group, luxury and relaxed-pace travel to these very special places. It's up to you how serious you want your photography focus to be, and we do provide an information booklet for each tour including our recommendations for what kind of camera & lenses we'd consider best suited to maximise your photography for each trip. We'll send you a copy of this information booklet when you book, or you can email us for one in advance.


Traveling alone?

Don't worry - more than half of our tour guests travel solo. To help you make friends before you even leave and to be reassured and aided by the advice of your fellow-travellers (and those who have gone before you), we've created an interactive Facebook group for our CBP Voyager Club members (that's anyone who's been on, or is going on any of our tours, which also gives them 10% OFF any future tours!). You can find out who's coming from your area, perhaps even meet up beforehand or fly together. This is a great resource and we encourage you to make the most of it if you're on Facebook! Anyone can read the CBP Voyager Club Facebook page, but you can only interact once you've paid your deposit.

We recommend that you book your flights and travel insurance with our dedicated, friendly travel agent Brenda as she can try and put you on the same flights and accommodations as your fellow travellers pre/post tour. Before you depart you'll be told exact details for who will be meeting you at the airport, holding what sign, and also give you contact phone numbers to call in the unlikely event that you are delayed or plans need to change.

And don't worry that most accommodation is twin-share - we're good at pairing you up with a roomie who you'll get along with - it has been the start of long-term friendships for many! We can't guarantee that we'll always be able to have you sharing with someone of the same sex - it depends on the gender split, but we do our best. You can request to purchase a single supplement (a room to yourself) if you really need to (subject to availability) though keep in mind that you're usually only in your rooms to sleep as we fill your waking hours with plenty to do, and the couple of times we have had guests request rooms to themselves, they end up regretting it when they see the amazing friendships that form between the other roomies.


Can you cater for dietary needs?

Of course we can - even in places like Kenya we've successfully catered for vegan, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant and vegetarian guests, and all have had a wonderful time.


Worried about safety?

Rest assured that we do not travel through any of the major danger hot-spots in the world like those highly warned against in travel advisory boards etc. For example, in Kenya, we do not even pass through downtown Nairobi and we operate completely away from the coast / Mombasa region and the Somali border. The fact that we like to take you to the more tranquil, less-touristy places on our tours conveniently means we only ever spend minimal time in busy, built up areas or large tourist attractions where thieves or terrorists might target - most of the places we stay at are quite rural and private, and you'll quickly feel right at home & safe.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancelation policies are in line with other leading tourism operators, and you can read all about them here in our Booking Terms and Conditions. We are proud to employ industry best-practices such as holding your payments in a trust-fund and have been awarded the T-QUAL tick (Australian Government's national symbol of tourism quality).


What is the CBP Voyager Club?

The Voyager Club is our photo tour loyalty program! As our photo tours apparently can be very addictive (we've had guests come to more than half a dozen of our tours!), we created the Chris Bray Photography Voyager Club, giving repeat guests 5% OFF future tours with automatic Silver Membership, and then 10% OFF as Gold Members after their fifth tour with us.


How do I book in?

Either click the 'Book Now' button above and fill in your details, or simply contact us and let us know which tour you're keen to join us on, and we'll send you a deposit invoice to secure your spot, along with the tour information booklet and our Booking Terms and Conditions.


Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Welcome BBQ

Perth to Christmas Island
On Tuesdays, Virgin flies directly to Christmas Island from Perth, touching down in the late afternoon. Once landed we’ll pile into our three 4WD vehicles and head down to the 'The Sunset', our beautiful ocean-front, air-conditioned hotel accommodation for the week in the main settlement on the island. We won't stay long because the sun will be just about to set and we want to take you to a breathtaking lookout to enjoy sunset drinks and a BBQ dinner while gazing out over the bay far below. With frigate birds, boobies, bats and tropicbirds (including the stunning, endemic Golden Bosun variety) soaring majestically right past at eye-level, and the island’s famous red crabs munching on the leaf-litter at your feet, the magic of this incredible place will capture your heart. After our BBQ dinner we'll visit the Island Tourist Information Centre, where they have opened up after hours to allow us to do a welcome slide show and photography crash course!


Day 2 - Lily & Ethel Beach, Snorkel
Those keen for a sunrise shoot can come with us down to the cove just before dawn to capture the flowing movement of the ocean as it swirls past the unique rocky outcrops in the shallows. We'll then enjoy breakfast together before heading off to Lily & Ethel Beaches for this morning’s photography adventure! It's a short 4WD trip to get to the start of the boardwalk, but on the way we know of a place where Red-footed Boobies nest in trees beside the road, and if we're lucky they may even be hopping awkwardly around on the ground looking for nest-building sticks, completely oblivious to us as we walk right up to them to photograph their colourful faces. The boardwalk itself is lovely, but hop off part way (we've got permission) and carefully follow us through the maze of limestone, punctuated by erupting blow-holes, around to where scores of fearless Brown Boobies and Red-tailed Tropicbirds nest right on the ground, oblivious to us and our cameras beside them. Some will have eggs and even chicks! We'll have a cafe lunch back at Settlement and in the afternoon we'll wander down to flying fish cove, don our mask and fins, and slip into the 28 degree, crystal clear water. Few places on Earth can boast a snorkelling 'house-reef' as incredible as this, and surely none so accessible, with a kaleidoscope of colourful fish and coral all around. We'll try for a shot of the sunset colours behind silhouetted palm trees at the nearby Rocky Point at sun-down, and then finish up with an amazing dinner at the lively 'Golden Bosun' pub on the corner.


Day 3 - National Parks, Snorkel
This morning we've organised a very special experience for you: a rare photographic opportunity and a chance to help save a species. As a treat this morning we’ve organised one of the National Park rangers to present an exclusive slideshow for us, teaching us about the island's endemic species and their conservation. We'll then drive out to 'The Pink House' - a research centre in the middle of the rainforest, where CI National Parks have just finished building a series of big enclosures for the release of their captive-bred population Blue-Tailed Skink, an endemic species which is now believed to be extinct in the wild. Apart from a small population held in Sydney's Taronga Zoo for safekeeping, the lizards here in this breeding program are the only ones left on the planet. We've negotiated a great opportunity here: If we all spend a couple of hours helping National Parks with their current projects like collecting bugs, cleaning enclosures and whatever other jobs need doing when we visit, we'll have access to get some fantastic shots of these impossibly rare, colourful skinks as they scamper around their enclosures. We're even allowed to climb into the enclosures to get some great macro close-ups! Part of the deal is we offer any cool skink shots to NPW to help their conservation efforts and Chris Bray Photography will also donate $1000 to help National Parks continue the project. All in all an exciting, hands-on, and helpful morning of conservation photography! We'll have lunch back at the lodge before spending the afternoon cooling off snorkelling at Flying Fish Cove or culling your many amazing photos. This evening’s sunset shoot will be at Rocky Point before dinner at a different local restaurant.


Day 4 - Greta & Dolly Beach

We'll shoot the sunrise through the cliff-sided walls of Lily Beach before another pool-side breakfast. You'll need some energy as today we're driving the jaw-clenching 4WD track down to Greta Beach, halting every couple of minutes for one of you to hop out and usher red crabs off the road. The beach is amazing with Noddy Terns nesting in the surrounding cliffs, thousands of adorable little hermit crabs clambering around rocks, and for those who love beach-combing, the amount of stuff that ocean currents wash up onto this remote beach is unbelievable. After Greta Beach, we drive onwards to the start of the 2km mostly-board walked track through the rainforest to Dolly Beach. The walk itself is wonderful, leading around the huge trees, vines and fungi and filled with a variety of crab species. Dolly Beach is one of the prettiest and most secluded beaches on the island. Deserted most of the time, it has the whitest sand on the island, a fresh water stream, and is overhung by idyllic coconut palms. Turtles nest on the beach year-round too - look for the tracks of nesting adults and emerging hatchlings amongst the drifted logs and coconuts!


Day 5 - Blowholes, Lookout & Film

A hearty cooked breakfast down at the waterfront of Flying Fish Cove will be just what you need after a late night at the movies! This morning we'll divide our time by finishing our 1 on 1 sessions with you all and snorkelling down at the cove before we have lunch at a lovely local cafe and set off for the afternoon's activity. We’ll drive out to Margaret Knoll Lookout where the island's many and varied bird species soar past at eye level! On the way to the Blow Holes we'll hopefully be able to crouch, cameras in hand, beside some natural pools of water as flocks of soaring frigate birds swoop down right in front of us and dramatically scoop up beakfulls of water to drink on the wing! Amazing! Our next stop will be at the most beautiful strangler fig on the island, red crabs will be crawling around it's roots, the vibrant green moss will sparkle like an emerald in the forest, and the twists and turns of it's trunk system will have you mesmerised! As we drive closer to the Blow Holes you'll start to hear the roar of the ocean being pushed up through the narrow tunnels in the limestone rocks. It's a beautiful boardwalk and viewing platform where, depending on what the ocean swell is doing, the explosive spouts of water can tower up to 20 meters high. It is quite a spectacle in the late afternoon when the sinking rays of sun highlight the mist and spray.
It's 'movie night' tonight! All the locals gather at the outdoor (and only) cinema on the island to watch the latest movie - if the plane delivers it in time! We'll shout you tickets and one of the home-made choc-tops too!


Day 6 - Boat & The Dales

Boat Excursion & the Dales
After another pool-side continental breakfast at 'The Sunset', today we're splitting the group in half. Half of you will go with Jess to visit a few local favourites: the ‘Sitting Room’ and ‘The Grotto’. You’ll head down a secret path where, perched on rocks above the waves, you can photograph birds in the air as well as nesting tropicbirds and boobies in the surrounding shrubs. After sitting here a while you’ll understand why it’s called the ‘Sitting Room’. After this, Jess will guide you along a little crab-covered track to 'The Grotto' - a wonderfully secluded, flooded cave opening with a white sandy bottom glowing blue. The rise and fall of the ocean swirls through it like a refreshing, mid-jungle spa, so make sure you bring your swimmers! Meanwhile, the other half of you will accompany Chris for a morning out with Hama, the best dive-boat operator on the Island. You’ll explore the coastline from the sea and scoot around to the NW corner of the island to a number of stunning snorkelling sites. The water is the clearest you’ll ever see! Depending on the weather there’s the possibility of snorkelling over shipwrecks and maybe even swimming with Spinner Dolphins up close in the clear blue water! Chris can teach you how to duck-dive under for some close-up underwater photos if you're keen.
After our adventures we'll all reunite for a late picnic lunch before setting off on our 4WD trip across to ‘The Dales’ on the far side of the island. As the saying goes, “up-hill and down-dales”, this corner of the island has several little gullies through which streams gently meander amidst what looks like an enchanted forest of trees with ornate buttress roots and fungi. The boardwalk leads us in and around beneath a jungle canopy filled with bird-calls and up to a picturesque waterfall. Be careful not to tread on any of the thousands of big red crabs - or the slightly shyer blue ones - dotting the landscape and pathway. If we keep our eyes open we might even spot the largest land-living arthropod in the world - a giant Robber Crab (aka Coconut Crab) - with a leg span of almost 1m! Christmas Island has the world's largest and densest population of these colourful giants, and to be able to walk right up to them and macro photograph their alien-like features is simply amazing. We may even get to enjoy the sun setting over the ocean from Martin Point Lookout, beside a spectacular blowhole, and when we're done photographing we’ll head back to our lodge for a hearty dinner.


Day 7 - Boat & Grotto

Boat Excursion
This morning is the reverse of yesterday morning, where those who went snorkelling now go to 'Sitting Rock' and ‘The Grotto’, and the others go on the boat to the dive sites, reuniting again for lunch. This afternoon we'll be checking in with National Parks for a unique and close up experience with orphaned birds like the Abbots Boobies, tropicbirds and Frigate birds. We'll arrive at feeding time so you can photograph them as well as hear about all their conservation and the effort being made to release these birds back into the wild. This is not something that is available to the public and we are very fortunate for Parks to allow us into the enclosure to photograph these endangered species up close! We'll enjoy a gourmet meal as the final farewell to what has been the most amazing week.


Day 8 - End

Fly Home
We can shoot the sunrise from your favourite location today - or whichever spot we may have missed out on due to weather during the week. We've organised a great cooked breakfast for our last morning. We'll head off after we have checked out mid-morning to photograph any places we might have been unable to tick off until now, and visit the Christmas Island Museum. After lunch we'll drop you at the airport for your flight back to Perth. A small piece of your heart will forever stay in Christmas Island and just a little of the island will always stay with you - not to mention the thousands and thousands of amazing photos that'll soon adorn your home!


Please Note

IMPORTANT - Ensure you have read our Tour Booking Conditions prior to booking. A copy will be sent with your deposit invoice, and must be signed and returned to us (an emailed scan/photo of your signed copy will suffice), before we accept and confirm your booking. The document covers everything from your rights, inclusions and payment schedule, to our cancellation policy and extent of liability.

All our safaris are subject to minimum numbers. Please ensure you have read our Safari Booking Conditions for our cancellation policy (above).

For what we want from the island (the most diverse experience possible) late May is the best time of year to visit Christmas Island - we've thought long and hard about the best dates, asked all the people 'in the know' and we believe this is the best time for the type of safari we want to run. It's just at the end of the rainy season, so we can still expect a bit of rain but this just keeps everything lush and green, and there are still HEAPS of red (and other crabs) littering the ground in the right places (unlike during the dry season). If we were to visit in the wet season when the red crab migration is on a) It's major rainy season then, b) all the roads are closed due to the crabs so we couldn't get around the island, c) we want birds nesting, and d) the migration is unpredictable we couldn't reliably schedule a safari to coincide with it even if we wanted to.

Physical Activity - This safari is not for the unfit or the infirm, those with poor balance or those who struggle carrying camera bags around in the heat and humidity. Part of the joy of this secret paradise is that so few tourists visit each year - just a couple of hundred, that's it - so we can't expect much in the way of facilities unlike say Galapagos. To get to the best photographic spots involves sometimes decent walks, on uneven, slippery, undulating and some times steep terrain in a hot and humid environment. To put things into perspective, Christmas Island was once a coral reef that was 'up lifted', so there are many places off-boardwalk where walking around involves balance and dexterity, treading carefully between jagged pinnacles of savagely sharp limestone. The ground is also often littered and undermined with crab holes, making even a sure foot placement unstable. We don't mean to put you off - if you have a good level of fitness, mobility, balance and dexterity you'll absolutely love this island but otherwise, you're better off considering joining us for a much more luxurious, comfortable safari like our ones to Kenya! We reserve the right to decline clients from booking on this trip if we feel they may not be well suited, may hurt themselves, or detract from the experience of the other clients by holding the group back.

Return flights between Perth and Christmas Island are not included in the price of the safari, you'll have to book your own flight from perth with Virgin Australia. The price does not include flights from your hometown to Perth, nor your return flights back home from Perth. Please be aware that the planes can only land on Christmas Island if they have a clear visual approach and it is not uncommon for aborted landings due to low clouds, fog, storms and other weather conditions outside of our control - this could theoretically delay flights by days at either end of the journey so please keep this in mind when booking on our safari. We will not extend the safari to compensate for any reduction in time on the island such flight issues may cause, nor will we cover the cost of your extended stay on the island if the scheduled departure doesn't occur. This is what travel insurance is for, and we require you to have it.

All meals are provided, however beverages must be purchased at your own expense, except on some special dinners where we will provide a glass of local wine or other drinks. However, any additional alcohol etc must be purchased at your own expense, and we can visit the shops en-route if you wish. FYI as Christmas Island is both duty and GST free, alcohol is amazingly cheap to buy at the supermarket! While we strive to get you the best quality meals, including getting an external catering company to fly in fresh produce for our picnics etc, we will dine at some of the local restaurants too, where the standard of some of the meals is not high-end. We get you the best we can. We can cater for some special dietary requirements including vegetarians, but it's best to discus this with us before you book as options can be limited on the island!

We will bring a spare camera or two just in case but... apart from this, be prepared to be self sufficient regarding your camera gear. We do hire out some cameras and lenses, ask before we depart.

After you book, we will email you an extensive information document telling you everything you need to know from what camera gear to bring, mobile coverage, etc.

A non-refundable, non-transferable $1,000 booking deposit is required.


Tour Feedback

Latest News

ADELAIDE - Sat 25 Feb 17

Really enjoyed running our course at Adelaide Zoo again yesterday! What a fantastic venue for a photography course! Well done Cheryl for taking this great shot of a Meerkat. See the wonderful feedback from our course delegates below.

What a great day. I've been taking photos for years and this will take me to the next level. Thanks Jonathan and Michelle.

I have tried to teach myself photography many times however always got confused. This course was simple and clear and gave me the confidence to get of auto. Thanks for an awesome day!

Great course. Really enjoyed. I learnt so much. It was a fun day as well as a learning day.

I learnt a lot, more than I expected! Very good explanations and content was pitched to cover all levels of knowledge and even the people with more basic skills learnt a lot.

It was an excellent way to learn and spend the day. Thank you.

Great day, now I really understand the capability of my SLR beyond the green auto function!

Fantastic course!

Great day, good decision to come, great help thanks.

Such a great refresher. Very inspired to take photos now that I have the tools to do it better.

SYDNEY - Sun 5 Feb 17

Another great course at another great venue! Taronga Zoo once again delighted with fantastic catering and of course wonderful subjects to photograph. Congratulations Andrew on winning the Lowepro bag with your winning assignment shot. See feedback from the course below.

Brilliant! Great experience. Recommend this for beginners and experienced! Learnt so much!

Fabulous content, fabulous food and we learnt so much. Thank you!

Fantastic day. Feel much more confident with the camera now. Appreciate the course and the friendly presenters.

The day was great. It ran smoothly and we were given instruction that was understandable. A good balance between theory and practice. The day went too quickly!!!

A most informative and enjoyable day. A fantastic way to learn about your camera and photography in everyday English.

Clear explanations of theory followed by concrete practical exercises in a venue with appealing subject material.

Fantastic. Well presented and very understandable.

Really helpful and enjoyable. Helped me understand how to use my camera to its full potential.

Had a great time. The guides were engaging and the opportunities were all there. All the directions and instructions were informative.

Very interesting and fun. Practical skills that will be useful in life.

Had a great time. Learned a lot and would recommend this course to others.

A great day. Very helpful.

A great course. Would suggest to any photographer.

PERTH - Sat 21 Jan 17

What a fun day at Perth Zoo for our first course for the year! Congrats Simon for winning the Lowepro bag with your great shot of a Bearded Dragon! See the feedback below:

The best course I have been to for learning photography!

Very well organised. Excellent mix of lecture and fieldwork. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and imparted his knowledge at the right level. These guys talk the talk and walk the talk with their safaris.

Great day. Thanks!

Great day where 9 hours went very quickly.

Excellent. I am much more confident with my knowledge of practical photography after doing the course.

Wonderful and informative day! Thanks Jonathan and Simone.

Fun, enjoyable and detailed course! Really glad I came.

Great! Informative and helpful! Don't think you can improve it!